DJ Shimamura - Power Slam: Dynasty Collective Vol. 1 (2006)

DJ Shimamura - Power Slam: Dynasty Collective Vol. 1 (2006)

27-10-2008 / Drum'n'Bass, Hardcore, J-Core


Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Jungle, Happy Hardcore
01 DJ Shimamura - SucK My EuphoriA (One Family Experience)
02 DJ Shimamura - Friendly Madness '05
03 DJ Shimamura - CBM
04 DJ Shimamura - Janome Funk
05 DJ Shimamura - Don't Need UR Luv (In 2 The Light Mix)
06 DJ Shimamura - Make It Mad
07 Infl8 - Knites Of States (Break Beats XTC)
08 DJ Shimamura - Dream Up (Sweeter Sweetest Mix)
09 DJ Shimamura - One Family (Remix)
10 DJ Shimamura - Turntable Blowjob In The Dancehall
11 DJ Shimamura - Tales Of Fantasia (Breakbeats Crazy Massive)


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