Malice Records FULL Label

Malice Records

21-12-2008 / Hardcore, Happy Hardcore / Label

Gabber & Happy Hardcore label run by Luna-C
[Malice 007] Sanity Collapses Here - The Fear / Warped Reality
[Malice 001] DJ Psycangle - Smile, Fuck Up
[Malice 002] Garion Fey - Lifetime Annoyance
[Malice 003] Toxic Avengers - The Toxic Avenger
[Malice 004] DJ Psycangle - Is Stupid When
[Malice 005] DJ Psycangle - It Never Fuckin' Happens
[Malice 006] Reptile - A New Future
[Malice 008] DJ Flare - Darker & Darker / The Thief
[Malice 009] DJ Psycangle - Once Again / Check Dis Out


06/13/2012 - 04:01 gabberboy says : Reply

Thanks a lot for this excelent sounds!! gabber united ;)

06/13/2012 - 04:08 gabberboy says : Reply

Just a little question, in the VHS of EARTHQUAKE VII The Ultimate Hardcore Collection 1997 that i upload on youtube, I'm looking after the song of min 2:05 of the live of dj yves. I asking here ,because I don't know where else I can ask for it. Can someone help me? thanks a lot for reading. Gabber united! U.G.Against.Facism!Respect!