Venetian Snares - Filth (2009)

Venetian Snares - Filth (2009)

04-04-2009 / Breakcore


'Venetian Snares, aka Pants Geronemo, aka
Buttercock Lesbummer, aka the biggest retard on
earth, has once again turned his toilet fantasies
into something you can buy at the store, shove in
your whore mouth and puke up thru a glory hole into a
stranger's gaping anus. Financing the dubstep scene
since 2005, Venetian Snares has somehow again, not
bothered to make anything remotely like a Benga
record from 3 years ago, instead reaching deep down
into the bottomless pit of electronic genres gone by
and digging out acid techno for a thoroughly
humiliating raping of the sound. This is the
shittiest acid record ever made! Venetian Snares
actually covered his 303s with his own feces and
twisted the knobs with his rock hard cock! At one
point he even tapes a 303 to a prostitute and kicks
the shit out of her legs. In fact, Aaron 'Rapey the
Raper Rapintgton the 5th' Funk has a 303 taped to his
cock right now as he rapes a bag of onions inside
your hollowed out pelvis. This record was made using
many TB-303 analogue synth boxers that are now buried
inside raped dead bodies in his luxurious backyard.
Dear Universe, suck my fucking cock.'
Gotta love him.

1. Deep Dicking
2. Crashing The Yogurt Truck
3. Labia
4. Mongoloid Alien
5. Chainsaw Fellatio
6. Kimberly Clark
7. Calvin Kleining
8. Kakarookee Hates Me
9. Splooj Guzzlers
10. Pussy Skull