Damage FULL Label


27-06-2009 / Hardcore, Breakcore, Drum'n'Bass / Label, Damage

sub-label of Peace Off
Explosive dancefloor tunes, hard drum'n'bass, hard ragga-jungle
DAM 12.001 Rotator He Who Makes A Beast Of Himself Gets Rid Of The Pain Being A Man !
DAM 12.002 Parasite Baby 9mm
DAM 12.003 Kovert Versioning
DAM 12.004 Krumble The Disco Breaker
DAM 12.005 Repeater Terrestrial Activity
DAM 12.007 Krumble My Funny Dead Cat
DAM 12.008 Enduser Caustic Pulse EP
DAM 12.009 Cardopusher Red Red Blood
DAM 12.010 Krumble Return Of The Amen Spamer
DAM 12.011 Broken Note Fueling The Fire EP