Geoff Da Chef - Hardcore Fiend (2006)

Geoff Da Chef - Hardcore Fiend (2006)

06-09-2009 / Speedcore, Hardcore

Speedcore, Hardcore
A1 Angry
A2 Noise
B1 Twisted Tale
B2 No Name


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07/28/2016 - 23:29 Anonymous says : Reply

anyone able to reup?
also does anyone have the rest of the OLD ROPE releases?
or even better BLOWN records (geoff da chef's label)

07/31/2016 - 02:42 Anonymous says : Reply

Here you go:
The only tracks I have are Geoff Da Chef - Rehabilitated (Blown 003) and Geoff Da Chef - Quick Cold One (Blown 004)
By the way Blown 005 was released mid last month (digital versions expected in mid August 2016) and Also here is the first track from the four track EP for the Blown 006 (released not yet known)
Hope this helped. Regards, Tania

07/31/2016 - 05:15 Anonymous says : Reply

thanks, good info to have