Realicide - Enduring The Viral Hell, Part 1 (2009)

Realicide - Enduring The Viral Hell, Part 1 (2009)

06-09-2009 / Hardcore / D-Trash Records, Dramacore


Rhythmic Noise, Speedcore, Hardcore, Punk, Breakcore
Ultra extreme political DIY punx REALICIDE release this EP containing exclusive material as well as alternate mixes, live versions of songs from their blockbuster 'Resisting The Viral Hell' record. This disc is released both as a limited D-TRASH only edition, as well as a full CD containing 'Enduring.. ' Part 2 (DRAMACORE Records) and Part 3 (SICKMODE Records). Crazed poetic screams ring out over a plain of rhythmic punk noise, proving that REALICIDE are the ones right now taking it to the next hardcore level.
01 Bored While Getting Murdered! (intro)
02 Truthfully Unable To Know
03 I'm Not A Fucking DJ! (Vankmen's Hardware Instrumental)
04 Hypothetical Popularity
05 MyStage (live)
06 No Xenophobic HxC
07 (live Segway)
08 Bread And Circus
09 I Try To Quit While I'm Ahead (live)
10 Not Everybody Is Rich
11 The Audience Sucks (Vankmen's Hardware Instrumental)
12 Nothing But A Stranger (live)
13 The Shit Punx Hate 2
14 Brickwall Hardcore (spoken)
15 Death Machine (live)
16 Open Eyes (live)
17 Want Runs Thin
18 Planned Obsolescence
19 Despite The Pain! (outro)


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