Kotzaak Unltd.

20-03-2023 / Hardcore / Label

KOTZ0 Leathernecks_-_Test_Attack-(kotz_0)-VINYL-1994 (CBR 320 kbps)
KOTZ0 Leathernecks-Test_Attack_(KOTZ_0)-Vinyl-1994-TrT (VBR V0)
KOTZ0 The_Lethernecks--Test_Attack_(Kotz0-LTD)-EP-1994-CMC (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZ01 Stickhead_-_One_More_Fuckin_Time-(KOTZ-MINUS1)-Vinyl-2003-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZ05 Stickhead_-_Gimme_Death_E.P.-(KOTZ5)-Vinyl-1995-BC (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZ10 Jack_Lucifer_-_Console_From_Hell-(KOTZ_010)-VINYL-2001 (CBR 320 kbps)

KOTZAAK01 Stickhead_-_Slaughterhouse_E.P.-(KOTZAAK01)-Vinyl-1994-BC (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZAAK02 Stickhead_-_Worlds_Hardest_Kotzaak-(KOTZAAK02)-Vinyl-1995-BC (CBR 128 kbps)
KOTZAAK03 Dogge_Team_-_We_Came_to_Hool_E.P.-(KOTZAAK03)-Vinyl-1995-BC (CBR 128 kbps)
KOTZAAK04 Jack_Lucifer_-_I_Am_Living_Death-(KOTZAAK04)-VINYL-1995 (CBR 320 kbps)
KOTZAAK07 Stickhead_and_Don_Demon_-_Once_Upon_A_Time_in_Frankfurt-(KOTZ-007)-Vinyl-1997-OMA (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZAAK07 Stickhead_And_Don_Demon-Once_Upon_A_Time_in_FFM_EP_(KOTZ_07)-Vinyl-1996-TrT (VBR V0)
KOTZAAK09 Bold_Bob-Dive_Into_Steel-(KOTZ09)-Vinyl-1997-hM (VBR V0)
KOTZAAK666 Jack_Lucifer_-_96_Knights-KOTZ666-Vinyl-1996-gMP3 (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZAAK666 Jack_Lucifer-96_Knights-(KOTZ666)-Vinyl-1996-hM (VBR V0)

KOTZCD01 VA_-_like_A_Raging_Bull-(KOTZ_CD_01)-CD-2000 (CBR 320 kbps)
KOTZCD02 VA_-_From_The_Darkest_Depths-(KOTZ_CD_02)-2CD-2005 (CBR 320 kbps)

KOTZM1 Stickhead-Your_Own_Death-Bootleg-2003-DPS_INT (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZM2 Stickhead_-_Closer_To_Death-(KOTZ_M2)-VINYL-2004 (CBR 320 kbps)
KOTZM2 Stickhead_-_Closer_to_Death-(KOTZ-M2)-Vinyl-2004-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZM3 Stickhead_-_Blood_Addict-(KOTZ_M3)-VINYL-2005 (CBR 320 kbps)
KOTZM3 Stickhead_-_Blood_Addict-(KOTZ-M3)-Vinyl-2005-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
KOTZM4 Stickhead_-_The_Only_Real_Kotzaak_E.P.-(KOTZ-M4)-Vinyl-2006-SQ (VBR V1)
KOTZM4 Stickhead_-_The_Only_Real_Kotzaak_EP-(KOTZ_M4)-VINYL-2006 (CBR 320 kbps)
KOTZM5 Stickhead_-_Kiss_Of_Death_EP-(KOTZ_M5)-VINYL-2020 (CBR 320 kbps)
KOTZM6 Stickhead_-_Brick_Wall_Blood-(KOTZ_M6)-VINYL-2021 (CBR 320 kbps)

RE-KOTZ01 Stickhead_-_Slaughterhouse_E.P.-(RE-KOTZ01)-Vinyl-2002-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
RE-KOTZ01 Stickhead_-_Slaughterhouse_EP-(RE-KOTZ_01)-VINYL-2002 (CBR 320 kbps)
RE-KOTZ02 Stickhead_-_Worlds_Hardest_Kotzaak_E.P.-(RE-KOTZ02)-Vinyl-2002-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
RE-KOTZ02 Stickhead_-_Worlds_Hardest_Kotzaak_EP-(RE-KOTZ_02)-VINYL-2002 (CBR 320 kbps)
RE-KOTZ03 Dogge_Team_-_We_Came_To_Hool_E.P.-(RE-KOTZ03)-Vinyl-2002-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
RE-KOTZ03 Dogge_Team_-_We_Came_To_Hool_EP-(RE-KOTZ_03)-VINYL-2002 (CBR 320 kbps)
RE-KOTZ04 Jack_Lucifer_-_I_Am_Living_Death-(RE-KOTZ04)-Vinyl-2002-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
RE-KOTZ05 Stickhead_-_Gimme_Death_E.P.-(RE-KOTZ5)-Vinyl-2003-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
RE-KOTZ07 Stickhead_and_Don_Demon_-_Once_Upon_A_Time_In_Frankfurt-(RE-KOTZ_07)-VINYL-2007 (CBR 320 kbps)
RE-KOTZ07 Stickhead_and_Don_Demon_-_Once_Upon_A_Time_in_Frankfurt-(RE-KOTZ07)-Vinyl-2007-SQ (VBR V2)
RE-KOTZ08 The_Kotzaak_Klan_-_Powerstation_Kotzaak-(RE-KOTZ_08)-VINYL-2007 (CBR 320 kbps)
RE-KOTZ08 The_Kotzaak_Klan_-_Powerstation_Kotzaak-(RE-KOTZ08)-Vinyl-2007-SQ_INT (VBR V2)
RE-KOTZ09 Bold_Bob_-_Dive_Into_Steel_EP-(RE-KOTZ_09)-VINYL-2007 (CBR 320 kbps)
RE-KOTZ09 Bold_Bob_-_Dive_into_Steel_EP-(RE-KOTZ09)-Vinyl-2007-SQ_INT (VBR V2)
RE-KOTZ666 Jack_Lucifer_-_96_Knights-(RE-KOTZ_666)-VINYL-2003 (CBR 320 kbps)
RE-KOTZ666 Jack_Lucifer_-_96_Knights-(RE-KOTZ666)-Vinyl-2003-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
RE-KOTZ666 Jack_Lucifer_-_96_Knights-WEB-1996-BOTW (CBR 320 kbps)

Jack_Lucifer_-_Contaminated_Black_Planet-WEB-2017 (CBR 320 kbps)
Stickhead_-_Best_Of_M-Series-WEB-2017-BOTW (CBR 320 kbps)


04/27/2012 - 22:59 loopulo says : Reply

one of the best hardcore labels ever.Together With Bloody Fist and Industrial Strenght probably are the best in hardcore music.the people that rated this negatively dont have ANY idea about hardcore.

04/27/2013 - 15:34 Anonymous says : Reply

absolutly right... real hard and dark hardcore comes from germany.
labels like rotterdam records are just weak s*** for mainstream "gabbers" or some wannabe's

05/26/2013 - 20:05 Anonymous says : Reply

Mainstream sucks, and the scene is much bigger in the Netherlands :) You don't hear me saying everything comes from the Netherlands but we will always remain on top! f*** mainstream, Speedcore4Life!

03/27/2015 - 17:32 Anonymous says : Reply

well 1994 and below Rotterdam Records was the shit, after 1994 I agree with you.I also agree that Germany did influence Mainstream Hardcore up till this very day especially Marc Acardipane's material. Also I think UK,Scotland and France has some of the best hardcore I have ever heard and it's still going strong today.

10/29/2014 - 23:05 CryNStay says : Reply

Do You have Bloody Fist discography (or just some cd's)?
Thanks for the Kotzaak discography

11/06/2014 - 15:13 Anonymous says : Reply

CryNStay, you can find the Bloody Fist full label here although I think some of the links might not be working.anymore.

03/27/2015 - 17:26 Anonymous says : Reply

Fuuuuck man I wish those links were up those a few labels on that site I want but the links are dead and looks like it hasn't been updated in a long time.
I want that Bloody Fist label if any one has any other links to rare old school non- mainstream UK/Scottish/French/German Gabber please hook it up!

03/27/2015 - 18:20 adm says : Reply

i have some bloody fist in various quality: http://pastie.org/10057305

03/27/2015 - 19:09 Anonymous says : Reply

Thank you very much man.

03/27/2015 - 19:13 Anonymous says : Reply

you should post this label when you can.
lots of good shit there.

04/02/2015 - 17:41 Bratva says : Reply

Admin, Do you have a request page ? I tried using the one on here, It doesn't work though, It won't load. I remember their used to be a forum on here but seems to be gone now.
Anyhow would you happen to have Bruyaa & Ozonic - Masterpiece (Remix) on Imperial Records. I been trying to find it in Mp3 for a long time just been able to find the Original mix but not the remix. Any help would be great. I won't ask again in this thread I just don't know where else to ask this.. Cheers man and Thanks for all the shit you have reupped for me too.

04/02/2015 - 18:13 adm says : Reply

requests here: http://xprm.net
i have only 160kbps,

04/02/2015 - 18:22 Bratva says : Reply

Big Thanks Again!

03/28/2015 - 02:12 Anonymous says : Reply

Thanks for the pastie link but there is no download link

11/06/2014 - 00:08 Anonymous says : Reply

mainstream would not be the same sound today without kotzaak.kotzaak raised the bar in levels of production at that time period and certain tracks are absolute timeless classics which hold the key to the very soul of hardcore,tracks that stand up against anything today

12/10/2016 - 01:11 loopulo says : Reply

Someone can recommend me more labels like the infamous and delicious kotzaak?these days im going crazy with "conquer the world" What a track!
By the way this shouldn' t be labelled "speedcore"?

03/15/2023 - 12:04 chicco says : Reply

hi admin :)
is there any chance to get that lable with updated scener files (which has been released) ? this would be nice