Alec Empire - Death Favours The Enemy Live 2002 DVD

Alec Empire - Death Favours The Enemy Live 2002 DVD

10-07-2010 / Hardcore / Video

Gabber, Noise, Industrial
A really great live set by Alec Empire and Nic Endo with a lovely noise-y ending to the set by Nic Endo.
From a technical standpoint this release is disappointing. With mono audio and interlaced video, it's really disappointing to watch this release without first de-interlacing it. I was hoping for a lossless audio track on this DVD, or at least stereo, but was disappointed.
The Addicted To You music video is amusing, though nothing special.
It appears the NTSC side is superior to the PAL, the PAL seems to have been cropped a bit (PAL and NTSC have different resolutions).
Overall, a great, short concert. Would love to see more from Alec like this.
01 Addicted To You
02 Intelligence And Sacrifice
03 Death Favours The Enemy
04 New World Order 15:02
05 Addicted To You (Video)
700 MB AVI version & 2.2 GIG version.
High quality sound and video version. Includes DVD and track selection menu.
NRG file (use Nero to burn it).


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