Speedcore FULL Label


13-06-2007 / Speedcore / Label

Speedcore is Shockwave-sublabel for hardcore-techno-death-metal-crossover productions. Fast and distorted guitars, extreme vocals and the typical hardcore-elements are the subject
[core-01] Sonic Overkill - The Need For Speed
[core-02] Amiga Shock Force - Untitled
[core-03] The Berzerker - Inextricable Zenith
[core-04] Sonic Overkill - Born In Hell
[core-05] Legionz Ov Hell - Goatkhult Order
[core-06] Bazooka - Deathcore EP
[core-07] Various - Tentacle-Terrorists On Speed Vs Camo-Ninjas
Showing Some Pink
[core-08] Various - Speedcore Vol. 8
[core-09] Frazzbass & Komprex - Resurrection