Cardopusher - Life Is Peachy

19-06-2007 / Breakcore

This is the tracklist. The music is well know by lovers of this man. For those who haven't heard of him. It's a good album to start knowing him. The music is usually based on two things breakcore and some ragga (Bob Marley, Sean Paul music) this makes the man unique. I think this is again a great album from Mr Cardopusher. Enjoy this album.
01 Cardopusher - Woo waa woo
02 Cardopusher - Cardo from the block
03 Cardopusher - Welchia
04 Cardopusher - Toqio
05 Cardopusher - Do you know my cuki cuki
06 Cardopusher - Don't you think
07 Cardopusher - Ragga power muffin love
08 Cardopusher - Hanna
09 Cardopusher - Whats the dildo