Mascha Records

Mascha Records

02-01-2017 / Hardcore, Speedcore / Label

TT001 BTC 107A - PHO-Blut.mp3
TT002 De Slaghout - Warface (Speedcore Remix).mp3
TT003 BTC 107A - Jeannine (Mixdown II).mp3
TT004 Milan Speedcore Project - Milan Speedcore Project.xm.flac
TT006 MILAN SPEEDCORE PROJECT - Brooklyn Mob (REMIX).xm.flac
TT007 MILAN SPEEDCORE PROJECT - Rotterdam Is Hard!!.xm.flac
TT008 Milan Speedcore Project - The 4th Industrial Revolution.rm
TT009 BTC 107A - One More Time 2 (Liverecorded In Basel).mp3
TT010 QUALKOMMANDO - Brachial Terror (Rmx).mp3
TT012 Lonely Freek - Boese Ist Wer Boeses Tut.mp3
TT013 Messias - Warface 2.mp3
TT014 Btc 107 A - Fozzensabber-580bpm.mp3
TT015 BTC 107A - T.A.N. (Live At Sky 14.4.01).mp3
TT016 Elektrotot - Versagt.mp3
TT017 LONELY FREEK - Loneagain.mp3
TT018 Saikomatik -
TT019 BTC 107A - Das Konzert.mp3
TT020 Elektrotot - Extrem.mp3
TT021 Milan Speedcore Project - 2001 Milan Speedcore.mp3
TT022 BTC 107A - Terror Kommando.mp3
TT025 LAWRENCIUM - The Last Furious.mp3
TT026 Lawrencium - Mascha Madness.mp3
TT032 Lawrencium - Fuck you Bastard !!!.mp3
TT034 MESSIAS - Bloodstar.mp3
TT036 ANC - Rage over Fantasy.mp3
TT036 ANC - Rage Over Fantasy.xm.flac
TT037 ANC - Inject.mp3
TT037 ANC - Inject.xm.flac
TT038 Da Nite Terror Dwarvez - Inject (ANC-Remix).xm.flac
TT039 DA NITE TERROR DWARVEZ - Sivis Pacem Para Bellum.xm.flac
TT040 DA NITE TERROR DWARVEZ - Love To Hate.xm.flac
TT041 Lawrencium - Extreme Annihilation.mp3
TT043 Mr. Unknown - Bubbles - Happy Girl.mp3
TT043 NSC - R3.mp3
TT044 DA NITE TERROR DWARVEZ - Freak-Out With D.N.T.D..xm.flac
TT045 Da Nite Terror Dwarvez - Radio Suxx.xm.flac
TT046 Da Nite Terror Dwarvez - Killa Drum.xm.flac
TT047 ANC - The Abscence of War Does not Mean Peace.mp3
TT047 ANC - The Abscence Of War Does Not Mean Peace.xm.flac
TT048 ANC - In the Heart of Europe.mp3
TT048 ANC - In The Heart Of Europe.xm.flac
TT049 DA NITE TERROR DWARVEZ - A Heborinak Mag Nincs Vage!.xm.flac
TT050 Mordtrupp - SchicksalsSCHLAG.mp3
TT051 Lawrencium - Basic action.mp3
TT052 ANC - King of the Kill.mp3
TT052 ANC - King Of The Kill.xm.flac
TT053 SPLITTER - High 48.mp3
TT055 DA NITE TERROR DWARVEZ - Nyilt Kivegzes.xm.flac
TT056 Lawrencium - Nanomicron.mp3
TT057 ANC - Generation X.mp3
TT057 ANC - Generation X.xm.flac
TT058 DA NITE TERROR DWARVEZ - Life Is Like A Bad Dream.xm.flac
TT059 ANC - AN-C-Town Madness.mp3
TT059 ANC - AN-C-Town Madness.xm.flac
TT060 Splitter - Scall.mp3
TT061 ANC - Behold a Pale Horse and It Riders Name was Death and Hades Follow Him.mp3
TT061 ANC - Behold A Pale Horse And It Riders Name Was Death And Hades Follow Him.xm.flac
TT062 ANC - Goetterdaemmerung.mp3
TT062 ANC - Goetterdaemmerung.xm.flac
TT063 ANC - The Sickest Man Called Jesus.mp3
TT063 ANC - The Sickest Man Called Jesus.xm.flac
TT064 ANC - AN-C-Town Madness (Remix by Mr. Unknown).mp3
TT065 Lonely Freek - Legende (Vinyl).mp3
TT069 De Slaghout -
TT070 Kielce Terror Squad - The Real Darkness 2 (Live At Clubfestival).mp3
TT071 Kielce Terror Squad - The Real Darkness 1 (Live At Clubfestival).mp3
TT072 M1dy - Tokyo Style Speedcore.mp3
TT073 Komprex - Killie More (CD).mp3
TT075 Xasverion - Britney Suck My D ck.mp3
TT076 Indee - Friday The 13th.mp3
TT078 Komprex - La Vie Cest Diabolique (Vinyl).mp3
TT082 ANC - Got Problems With Me..xm.flac
TT082 ANC - Got Problems with Me.mp3
TT083 DA NITE TERROR DWARVEZ - Get A Fuck Out Of My Way.xm.flac
TT084 Lawrencium - Harmonique et meta critik.mp3
TT085 Lawrencium - Auto-destruction 2002.mp3
TT086 ANC - Ein Licht Das Nichts Er-Hellt (Leichenlicht).mp3
TT086 ANC - Ein Licht Das Nichts Er-Hellt (Leichenlicht).xm.flac
TT087 ANC vs. VOA - Highnoon.mp3
TT087 ANC VS. VOA - Highnoon.xm.flac
TT089 TREMOX - The Taste Of Steel.xm.flac
TT090 ANC - Cut'n Fuck.mp3
TT090 ANC - Cut'n Fuck.xm.flac
TT091 Terror Squad Blood Salzuflen - Follow Ur Leader.mp3
TT093 ANC - King of the Kill (Remix by Tremox).mp3
TT100 ANC - Out of Order.mp3
TT102 Splitter - Kaineabsolute.mp3
TT104 ANC - Standing Low-Ground.mp3
TT104 ANC - Standing Low-Ground.xm.flac
TT105 Lawrencium - 6Nuzite.mp3
TT108 ANC - Therapy for Your Embalmed Soul.mp3
TT109 Dashcraft - Cut The Speakers.mp3
TT110 Lawrencium - Female Sex.mp3
TT111 Lawrencium - 1 Effect For 1 Bassdrum.mp3
TT112 Elektrotot - Underground Info.mp3
TT113 Dashcraft - Cut The Speakers (Mr. Unknown Remix).mp3
TT114 T.D.S. - Painfull Death.mp3
TT115 Capcom - ATV.mp3
TT116 Asterroid Incubator III - Brain Invasion.mp3
TT117 Terror Squad Blood Salzuflen - Busy On Da Tempo.mp3
TT118 Jealousy - Destroy The
TT119 ANC feat. T-Schwump - DJ Shitproducer.mp3
TT120 Dashcraft - Minced Chaos.mp3
TT121 Asterroid Incubator III - Dead Town.mp3
TT122 Jealousy -
TT123 T.D.S. - Blutrausch.mp3
TT124 Lawrencium - Final Orgasm.mp3
TT125 ANC - Burns like Napalm.mp3
TT125 ANC - Burns Like Napalm.xm.flac
TT126 Partycrasher Vs. Cykotiq - The Mystery.mp3
TT127 Jealousy - Todes
TT128 Mr. Unknown - Fallen Soldier.mp3
TT129 NSC - Totalis Kiirtas.mp3
TT130 Woodshit - Fuckin Nustyle.mp3
TT131 wOODSHIt - Szesc-Porcji.mp3
TT132 Elektrotot - Excretion Part III.mp3
TT133 Elektrotot - Go Faster.mp3
TT134 Lawrencium - Rip France.mp3
TT135 Mr.Unknown - Dis the Break.mp3
TT135 Soziopath - Verbrennt Den Unglaubigen.mp3
TT136 Jealousy -
TT137 ANC - Nagasaki.mp3
TT138 Lonely Freek - Boese Ist Wer Boeses Tut (RMX by UNHEIL).mp3
TT139 Jealousy -
TT140 BTC 107A - Fozzensabber.mp3
TT141 Lawrencium - Hate Of Happy Days.mp3
TT142 Lawrencium - Finish the game !!!.mp3
TT143 ANC - For All Time Condamned.mp3
TT144 Raziel - Die Pracht der Dunkelheit im Schatten der Verdammten.mp3
TT145 Elektrotot - Scheissdreck.mp3
TT146 M-Corp - The Deathwarrant.mp3
TT147 Jealousy -
TT148 Mr.Unknown - Suck the resent BD FX tracks.mp3
TT149 BTC107A vs. Jesse da Killa - Drunken Vodkasession (Live at Maschastudio).mp3
TT150 M-Corp - Hirnschraube.mp3
TT151 Klirrfucktor - LonZdale.mp3
TT152 CRAZYHEAD - Tentation
TT153 NSC - Minyom.mp3
TT154 M-Corp - Zenixfix.mp3
TT155 M-Corp - Anatol Der Raecher.mp3
TT156 M-Corp - Blutgewalt.mp3
TT157 Jealousy - Cum With
TT158 A.O.C. - Mute Out.mp3
TT159 Asterroid Incubator III - Deathway Casting.mp3
TT160 Asterroid Incubator III - Auger III.mp3
TT161 Klirrfucktor - Scheisse.mp3
TT162 Schmerz - Pendeho.mp3
TT163 Mr.Unknown - Tribute to the Useless.mp3
TT164 Lawrencium - Anti-hardpwet.mp3
TT165 M-Corp - The Thing.mp3
TT166 M-Corp - Schepperhead.mp3


12/26/2015 - 16:31 Anonymous says : Reply

i found all the releases (except the damn web terrortrax!!) on soulseek yesterday. You can download the program and search for it there, cause i don't know where to upload it.

12/26/2015 - 17:03 adm says : Reply

so, you have only MR01-MR04 ? i have them too, but we all need another 166 releases by Terrortrax...

12/27/2015 - 18:23 Anonymous says : Reply

ehm i know... on the wayback.archive you can find only few of them but you can directly download the tracks.
if needed:

12/27/2015 - 20:15 adm says : Reply

a lot are failed to download, some tracker's files, soon will convert and paste files i have.

12/29/2015 - 00:27 adm says : Reply

gathered together all what i found, and now i missed following 32 releases:

12/13/2016 - 00:46 mirko says : Reply

sorry but can you upload at least the tracks that you've already got??
thank you

07/27/2016 - 23:18 Anonymous says : Reply

Please reupload this!! Somebody should have the whole thing

01/05/2017 - 20:30 Blastfast aka Bedlam says : Reply

Thank you very much for reuploading.

02/19/2024 - 01:43 Leonardo says : Reply

Will the record label be updated or were the tracks simply lost?

02/19/2024 - 08:08 adm says : Reply

that's all I've found :(

02/20/2024 - 18:28 pelosdevieja says : Reply

Well, we appreciate the search and sharing with us many clues about the label :)