Noisecontrollers - We Are Noisecontrollers (The Album)

Noisecontrollers - We Are Noisecontrollers (The Album)

02-06-2011 / Hardcore

The album Noisecontrollers - We Are Noisecontrollers is selfmade fake album, made by fans
so no 320 kbps version or any official, below is the only version (various bitrates):

101-Noisecontrollers - We Are The Noisecontrollers.mp3
102-Brainkicker vs. Noisecontrollers - Always Black.mp3
103-Noisecontrollers - Joke The Joker.mp3
104-Noisecontrollers - Crump.mp3
105-Noisecontrollers - Gaia.mp3
106-Noisecontrollers - Aliens.mp3
107-Noisecontrollers - Faces.mp3
108-Noisecontrollers vs. Speedy Bass - We Control The Noise.mp3
109-Noisecontrollers - Milkshake.mp3
110-Noisecontrollers - Reinforce.mp3
111-Noisecontrollers - Feel It 2007.mp3
201-Noisecontrollers vs. Speedy Bass - Wanna Freak You.mp3
202-Noisecontrollers - Creatures.mp3
203-Noisecontrollers - Shockwaves.mp3
204-Noisecontrollers - You Don't Own Me.mp3
205-Noisecontrollers - Activated.mp3
206-Noisecontrollers - Give You Bass.mp3
207-Noisecontrollers - Against All Odds.mp3
208-Noisecontrollers - We Move.mp3
209-Noisecontrollers - Marlboro Man.mp3
210-Noisecontrollers - The Hunt.mp3
211-Noisecontrollers - Furybox.mp3
212-Noisecontrollers - In The Marine.mp3


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This hoster has no sharing Function have You another Link to this Album ?