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Toxic People (2021)Paul Elstak, RestrainedHardcore2021-08-01
Our Home (2021)MaintainHardcore2021-07-16
Hard 2 Hire (2021)Restrained, KarunHardcore2021-06-03
Stand Up (2021)Tha PlayahHardcore2021-04-17
Freakstyle Flow (2020)Restrained, RejectaHardcore2021-03-16
Sliced Up (2020)Tha PlayahHardcore2021-01-02
The Awakening (2020)Tha Playah, Broken MindsHardcore2020-12-15
Hardcore Door Je Donder (Extended Mix) (2020)Tha Playah, Never SurrenderHardcore2020-12-01
Freakstyle Flow (2020)Rejecta, RestrainedHardcore2020-08-17
Hardcore Door Je Donder (2020)Tha Playah, Never SurrenderHardcore2020-05-16
Heart Attack (2020)Tha Playah, RestrainedHardcore2020-03-15
Hit The Gas (2019)Kasparov, ScarraHardcore2020-01-06
The Void (2018)Digital MindzHardstyle2018-04-16
All Of You (2017)The Strangerz, Miss JudgedHardstyle2018-01-02
Angels EP (2017)StereotunersHardstyle2017-12-01