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I'm As Evil As It Gets (2021)The InquisitorHardcore2021-11-16
Into The Darkness (2021)Brutal ForceHardcore2021-08-01
Youre A Nut (2021)DJ SalvoHardcore2021-08-01
Make It Noizzy (2021)Radiate, PsycoHardcore2021-07-01
Raise Hell (2021)DJ Death FaceHardcore2021-06-03
Greenstuff (2021)DeathpoolHardcore2021-05-16
Source (2021)Powerful RamaHardcore2021-04-17
Hypocriet EP (2021)DeathpoolHardcore2021-03-16
Pink Dynomite! (2020)Abraxas, DJ JordensHardcore2020-12-01
Bad Boys Ep (2020)HardnoiserHardcore2020-11-17
Party Time Ep (2020)DeathpoolHardcore2020-06-16
Covered In Darkness Ep (2020)Hardnoiser, Kit WilliamsHardcore2020-05-16
Cold Killer EP (2020)TombstoneHardcore2020-05-16
XTC Day (2019)Alex FuryHardcore2019-12-02
500 Miles EP (2019)DeathpoolHardcore2019-11-02