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Underground Vandalz - Distortion
Distortion (2017)Underground VandalzHardcore2017-09-15
Hallucinator - Heartbreak EP
Heartbreak EP (2017)HallucinatorHardcore2017-08-03
Meccano Twins - 777-More than evil
777 - More Than Evil (2017)Meccano TwinsHardcore2017-07-17
Meccano Twins & Dirty Bastards Ft. MC Justice - Back In The Game (2017)
Back In The Game (2017)Meccano Twins, Dirty BastardsHardcore2017-06-02
The Sickest Squad ft. Vale Blake - Dont Speak
Don't Speak (2017)The Sickest Squad, Vale BlakeHardcore2017-06-02
Bit Reactors - Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes (2017)Bit ReactorsHardcore2017-04-03
DJIPE & Synaptic Memories - Game Over EP (2017)
Game Over EP (2017)DJIPE, Synaptic MemoriesHardcore2017-02-02
The Anunnaki - Hardcore Riot (2017)
Hardcore Riot (2017)The AnunnakiHardcore2017-01-16
Igneon System - Blast EP (2016)
Blast EP (2016)Igneon SystemHardcore2016-11-02