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As Cold As Ice (2021)Stingray, SonicdriverHardcore2021-09-15
Get Up & Dance (2021)DJ NormanHardcore2021-09-15
Party Animals (2021)DJ Gizmo, The Dark RaverHardcore2021-09-01
What's Up Suckers (2021)Black KnightHardcore2021-09-01
It Ain't Over (2021)Mister DjHardcore2021-09-01
Eliminating Suckers (2021)Radical 2 ReactHardcore2021-09-01
Rudeboy (2021)BoombasticHardcore2021-09-01
Screaming (2021)Mister DjHardcore2021-09-01
Booooom!!!!! (2021)BoombasticHardcore2021-09-01
Heart (2021)Don EscobarHardcore2021-09-01
Break It Down (2021)ObliteratorHardcore2021-08-15
Getting There EP (2021)DJ Davie ForbesHardcore2021-08-15
Punk Professionals (2021)Punk ProfessionalsHardcore2021-08-15