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Casketkrusher -  (2012)
(2012)CasketkrusherHappy Hardcore, Breakcore2013-01-25
Drunk Optimus - Remixes For Butthurt (2012)
Remixes For Butthurt (2012)Drunk OptimusBreakcore2012-04-02
Ninja Rave - Limited Toss (2012)
Limited Toss (2012)Ninja RaveBreakcore, Jungle2012-04-02
goreshit / Annoying Ringtone - Split (2012)
Split (2012)goreshit, Annoying RingtoneBreakcore2012-03-23
Fat Frumos & Kojan - Masters of DubSTEB (2011)
Masters of DubSTEB (2011)Fat Frumos, KojanBreakcore2011-12-22[regex_rewrite_3]
Annoying Ringtone & Audiotist - Apocalypse Afterparty (2011)
Apocalypse Afterparty (2011)Annoying Ringtone, AudiotistBreakcore2011-12-22[regex_rewrite_3]
2nnt - Deadly Nightshade (2011)
Deadly Nightshade (2011)2nntBreakcore2011-12-22[regex_rewrite_3]
Drunk Optimus & BOB The Builder! - BISTRO & HUEVEO (2011)
BISTRO & HUEVEO (2011)Drunk Optimus, BOB The Builder!Breakcore2011-12-22[regex_rewrite_3]
2nnt - Deadly Odd (2011)
Deadly Odd (2011)2nntBreakcore2011-08-18[regex_rewrite_3]
Omyigacore - Potlahe! (2011)
Potlahe! (2011)OmyigacoreBreakcore2011-07-16[regex_rewrite_3]
Nightclub Annihilator (2011)Annoying Ringtone, DistonnBreakcore2011-03-31[regex_rewrite_3]
VA - Dancegore Warriors (2010)
Dancegore Warriors (2010)VABreakcore2010-12-28[regex_rewrite_3]
Audiotist - Going Sane In A Crazy World (2010)
Going Sane In A Crazy World (2010)AudiotistBreakcore2010-12-13[regex_rewrite_3]
Kaktus Ice - PEAS (2010)
PEAS (2010)Kaktus IceBreakcore, Experimental2010-11-16[regex_rewrite_3]
Goreshit - Dancefloor Degrader (2010)
Dancefloor Degrader (2010)GoreshitHardcore, Breakcore2010-11-16[regex_rewrite_3]
Annoying Ringtone - Party Killer (2010)
Party Killer (2010)Annoying RingtoneHappy Hardcore, Breakcore2010-10-25[regex_rewrite_3]
Loffciamcore and Odaxelagnia - Party Warfare!!! (2010)
Party Warfare!!! (2010)Loffciamcore, OdaxelagniaSpeedcore, Experimental2010-08-17[regex_rewrite_3]
The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience - Dancecore From Outer Space (2010)
Dancecore From Outer Space (2010)The Captain Kirk On LSD ExperienceBreakcore, Experimental2010-08-17
Dj Gay's Anatomy - Nu E D Dax For Litta Romance Up In Dis Mthrfckr (2009)
Nu E D Dax For Litta Romance Up In Dis Mthrfckr (2009)Dj Gay's AnatomyBreakcore2010-07-10[regex_rewrite_3]
Annoying Ringtone - Granite City Dancecore (2010)
Granite City Dancecore (2010)Annoying RingtoneBreakcore2010-06-12
Sinead O'Connick Jr. - Non-Stop Zapping (2010)
Non-Stop Zapping (2010)Sinead O'Connick Jr.Breakcore2010-06-04[regex_rewrite_3]