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Resolute (2019)SephyxHardstyle2019-03-16
Darkest Hour (The Clock) (2019)D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Sub Zero ProjectHardstyle2019-03-16
Victorious (2019)Psyko PunkzHardstyle2019-03-01
Illusion EP (2019)EcstaticHardstyle2019-02-15
The Contagion (2019)Sub Zero Project, Christina NovelliHardstyle2019-02-15
Because Of You (2019)Da Tweekaz, RefuzionHardstyle2019-02-01
Thank Me Later (2018)Hard DriverHardstyle2019-01-01
Elysian (2018)Wasted PenguinzHardstyle2018-12-02
Evergreen (2018)Wasted PenguinzHardstyle2018-12-02
The Apex (2018)Psyko Punkz, KeltekHardstyle2018-11-15
Rise Up (2018)Ecstatic, KrigareHardstyle2018-10-15
Invaders (2018)Crystal Lake, D-StroyerHardstyle2018-10-01
We Are The Fallen (2018)Sub Zero Project, Phuture NoizeHardstyle2018-09-16
Noon (2018)SylenceHardstyle2018-09-02
Always Bet On Red (2018)Crystal LakeHardstyle2018-05-16
The XPRMNT (2018)Sub Zero ProjectHardstyle2018-05-16