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This Is Special (2018)Da Tweekaz, SephyxHardstyle2018-04-16
Teleportation (2018)Psyko PunkzHardstyle2018-03-15
Euphoria (2018)Wasted PenguinzHardstyle2018-03-15
Nasty EP (2018)ZatoxHardstyle2018-02-01
Movement (2018)CyberHardstyle2018-01-15
Showtime 2.0 (2017)Coone, Hard DriverHardstyle2018-01-02
Remeant EP (2017)Josh & WeszHardstyle2018-01-02
Playing With Fire (2017)Sub Zero ProjectHardstyle2017-12-15
Scandinavia (2017)Wasted Penguinz, AdrenalizeHardstyle2017-12-01
Where God Is (2017)EcstaticHardstyle2017-12-01
Find Me (2017)DJ Isaac, Sound RushHardstyle2017-11-01
Monster (2017)SephyxHardstyle2017-11-01
DJ Coone & Wildstylez - Here I Come (2017)
Here I Come (2017)Coone, WildstylezHardstyle2017-10-17
Komon (2017)Da TweekazHardstyle2017-10-17
Denza - EGOS
EGOS (2017)DenzaHardstyle2017-09-15
Ecstatic and Sogma - Warcry
Warcry (2017)Ecstatic, SogmaHardstyle2017-09-15
Unsenses - All About U
All About U (2017)UnsensesHardstyle2017-09-02
Wasted Penguinz - Heaven
Heaven (2017)Wasted PenguinzHardstyle2017-08-16