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Listen (2018)HelixHardstyle2018-05-16
Reality (2018)Zany, RetrospectHardstyle2018-03-15
Inside My Head (2018)Deluzion, Royal SHardstyle2018-02-01
Never Regret (2018)Requiem, MC NolzHardstyle2018-02-01
Notorious Two - Coming Home
Coming Home (2017)Notorious TwoHardstyle2017-09-02
Requiem vs. The Pitcher - Sweet Dreams (2017)
Sweet Dreams (2017)Requiem, The PitcherHardstyle2017-08-16
Pulse - Survivor
Survivor (2017)PulseHardstyle2017-08-02
Requiem - Next Level
Next Level (2017)RequiemHardstyle2017-08-02
Nightfall - Louder
Louder (2017)NightfallHardstyle2017-07-02
Donkey Rollers - 15 Years Of Hardstyle (2017)
15 Years Of Hardstyle (2017)Donkey RollersHardstyle2017-06-02
Faizar & Nizami Plus - Genesis (2017)
Genesis (2017)Faizar, Nizami PlusHardstyle2017-03-15