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Crucified (2012)RaydenHardcore2021-12-01
Imagine (2021)DJ D, SophieHardcore2021-11-02
No Way Out (2005)DJ D, Javi BossHardcore2021-07-16
Crawl (2012)JuanmaHardcore2018-09-02
Angels Of Darkness Cold As Ice
Cold As Ice (2008)Angels Of DarknessHardcore2017-09-15
Streiks & Kratchs vs Angernoizer - Oh My God!! (2017)
Oh My God!! (2017)Streiks, AngernoizerHardcore2017-08-16
Dirty Bastards - Fight As One (2017)
Fight As One (2017)Dirty BastardsHardcore2017-04-03
Streiks And Kratchs - Dont Fucking Touch Me
Dont Fucking Touch Me (2017)Streiks, KratchsHardcore2017-03-15
Dirty Bastards - Lovely Day
Lovely Day (2017)Dirty BastardsHardcore2017-03-15
Destructive Tendencies - Slaves To The Darkness (2016)
Slaves To The Darkness (2016)Destructive TendenciesHardcore2016-11-02
Hellsystem - Buy Or Die (2016)
Buy Or Die (2016)HellsystemHardcore2016-08-04
Dirty Bastards - Peligro (2016)
Peligro (2016)Dirty BastardsHardcore2016-08-04
Hellsystem - After The End (2016)
After The End (2016)HellsystemHardcore2016-04-02
Dirty Bastards - Arrogant (2016)
Arrogant (2016)Dirty BastardsHardcore2016-03-15
Destructive Tendencies - Do You Bleed ? (2016)
Do You Bleed ? (2016)Destructive TendenciesHardcore2016-02-06
Dirty Bastards - Breaknecks EP (2016)
Breaknecks EP (2016)Dirty BastardsHardcore2016-02-06
Hellstriker - Abomination (2015)
Abomination (2015)HellstrikerHardcore2015-08-19
Hellsystem - The Mission (2015)
The Mission (2015)HellsystemHardcore2015-05-15
Destructive Tendencies - Anarchic Alliances (2015)
Anarchic Alliances (2015)Destructive TendenciesHardcore2015-03-03
Hellstriker - Kaput !! (2015)
Kaput !! (2015)HellstrikerHardcore2015-02-16