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In Hart En Nier (2021)Nosferatu, AleeHardcore2021-03-16
Kingdom Will Fall (2021)Deadly Guns, DisarrayHardcore2021-03-02
The MFing Thrashcore (2021)Deadly Guns, The MenaceHardcore2021-02-16
From The Depths (2021)Miss K8, DRSHardcore2021-02-02
The Crackdown (2021)Deadly Guns, TrespassedHardcore2021-01-16
The Storm (2020)FuryanHardcore2021-01-02
Doomslayer (2020)ThoraxHardcore2021-01-02
Im Nuclear (2020)N-Vitral, Sovereign KingHardcore2020-12-15
Bass For The Streets (2020)Deadly Guns, MBKHardcore2020-12-15
Face My Style (2020)Angerfist, Tha WatcherHardcore2020-12-01
Start A Riot (2020)N-VitralHardcore2020-11-03
Reprogrammer (Original Mix) (2020)Angerfist & Mike RedmanHardcore2020-10-15
Sick In The Head (2020)Deadly Guns, DitherHardcore2020-10-15
Virtual Disaster (2020)Angerfist, GridKillerHardcore2020-10-01
R3VOLUTION (2020)AngerfistHardcore2020-08-17
We Live Forever (2020)Bulletproof, Paul ElstakHardcore2020-08-17
Ready to Go (2020)KorsakoffHardcore2020-08-01
Devotion (2020)Deadly Guns, The Chosen OnesHardcore2020-08-01
Takin Over (2020)Andy The Core, RepublicHardcore2020-08-01
Devotion (2020)Deadly Guns, The Chosen OnesHardcore2020-07-01
Feel Alive (2020)Re-Style, Cammie RobinsonHardcore2020-07-01
Guess What (2020)The SatanHardcore2020-07-01