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Destructive Tendencies & Restrained - Lead The Pack (2019)
Lead The Pack (2019)Destructive Tendencies, RestrainedHardcore2019-05-15
Kokeen (2019)FuryanHardcore2019-05-03
Annihilation (2019)Re-Style, Broken MindsHardcore2019-04-15
World Of Fury (2019)Death By DesignHardcore2019-03-01
The Warriors (2019)KorsakoffHardcore2019-03-01
Pure Domination (2019)Deadly Guns, MBKHardcore2019-02-15
The Craving (MoH Austria 2019 Anthem) (2019)Tha Playah, Never SurrenderHardcore2019-02-01
Bare Knuckle Fist (2019)Angerfist, N-VitralHardcore2019-02-01
Up In Smoke (2019)Miss K8Hardcore2019-02-01
Critter (2019)AngerfistHardcore2019-01-15
Grip The Glock (Extended) (2018)Dyprax, RemzcoreHardcore2019-01-01
Creature (2018)AngerfistHardcore2018-12-02
Hustlers (2018)Angerfist, System OverloadHardcore2018-11-15
The Snakepit (Snakepit 2018 Anthem) (2018)Partyraiser, BulletproofHardcore2018-11-15
Hustlers (2018)Angerfist, System OverloadHardcore2018-11-06
Rip It Open (2018)Deadly Guns, NcryptaHardcore2018-11-06
Follow Me EP (2018)Korsakoff, Tears Of FuryHardcore2018-10-15
Sense In Violence (2018)Digital PunkHardcore2018-10-15
Invincible (2018)Deadly Guns, E-ForceHardcore2018-10-01