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Unjustified Anger EP (2019)Unleashed Fury, The X-ClusiveHardcore2019-11-15
Unbelievable EP (2019)Crime SceneHardcore2019-11-02
The Devil In Eye (2019)System OverloadHardcore2019-09-15
Unleash Hell (Remastered) (2019)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2019-07-02
The Remix Album Remastered (2019)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2019-06-03
No Mercy (2019)Unleashed FuryHardcore2019-02-01
RTC Is The Legacy (2018)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2018-12-02
The Raven (2018)Noxize, DJ KristofHardcore2018-05-16
Karuma (2018)RoughSketchHardcore2018-03-15
System:Overload - Boem! (2017)
Boem! (2017)System OverloadHardcore2017-05-02
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Release Your Anger (2016)
Release Your Anger (2016)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2016-12-17