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Artifex and D-Master - Bring Me Back To Life (2013)
Bring Me Back To Life (2013)Artifex, D-MasterHardcore2013-01-11
Hardcore Factory - Geniuses At Work (2012)
Geniuses At Work (2012)Hardcore FactoryHardcore2012-12-26
Dione - Time Bomb (2012)
Time Bomb (2012)DioneHardcore2012-12-06
Destructive Tendencies - This Is Your Moment (2012)
This Is Your Moment (2012)Destructive TendenciesHardcore2012-12-06
Chrono & Imperium Bass - Life Is A Bitch (2012)
Life Is A Bitch (2012)Chrono, Imperium BassHardcore2012-10-26
Hardcore Masterz Vienna - Nuclear Disaster (2012)
Nuclear Disaster (2012)Hardcore Masterz ViennaHardcore2012-10-26
Dione and Ruffneck - Hellburner EP (2012)
Hellburner EP (2012)Dione, RuffneckHardcore2012-08-31
RoughSketch - Fake Star EP
Fake Star EPRoughSketchHardcore2012-08-31
Roughsketch - It's Showtime (2011)
It's Showtime (2011)RoughsketchHardcore2011-06-02
Squaresoundz & Porphyria - No Limits EP (2011)
No Limits EP (2011)Squaresoundz, PorphyriaHardcore2011-06-02
Rotterdam Terror Corps vs Paul Elstak - Demonic State (2011)
Demonic State (2011)Rotterdam Terror Corps, Paul ElstakHardcore2011-05-15
The Fifth Column (2011)The Genesis ProjectionHardcore2011-04-29
Unleash Hell WEB (2002)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2011-04-29
Emptiness EP (2011)SquaresoundzHardcore2011-03-01
Eruption EP (2011)The Genesis ProjectionHardcore2011-02-14
Chrono & The Demon Dwarf - Beter Kom Je Niet Anthem (2010)
Beter Kom Je Niet Anthem (2010)Chrono, The Demon DwarfHardcore2011-01-14