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The Code Of Conduct (2019)Minus MilitiaHardstyle2019-11-15
Outrageous (2019)Act Of RageHardstyle2019-11-02
Colla Domina (2019)Radical Redemption, Digital PunkHardstyle2019-09-01
Raveline (2019)Act Of RageHardstyle2019-06-03
The Illest (2019)CrypsisHardstyle2019-04-01
Day For Night (2019)Act Of Rage, KillshotHardstyle2019-03-01
Vampire (2018)Radical Redemption, NoisecontrollersHardstyle2018-11-06
Child Of God (2018)Radical RedemptionHardstyle2018-10-15
Satan's Play (2018)Radical RedemptionHardstyle2018-10-01
The Darkest Moment (2018)Radical RedemptionHardstyle2018-10-01
Grown Up (2018)Act Of RageHardstyle2018-10-01
Pessimal Evil (2018)Minus MilitiaHardstyle2018-09-02
Vol Gas Met Die Bas (2018)Crypsis, D-FenceHardcore2018-07-16
The Road To Redemption (2017)Radical RedemptionHardcore, Hardstyle2017-11-16
Back Again (2017)CrypsisHardstyle2017-10-17
Minus Militia - Gas D'r Op (2017)
Gas D'r Op (2017)Minus MilitiaHardcore2017-09-02
Chain Reaction - Abandon
Abandon (2017)Chain ReactionHardstyle2017-09-02
Radical Redemption - Brutal 6.0 (2017)
Brutal 6.0 (2017)Radical RedemptionHardstyle2017-04-03
Minus Militia - Militant Mayhem (2016)
Militant Mayhem (2016)Minus MilitiaHardstyle2016-11-16