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Mental Shock - Whiplash (2014)
Whiplash (2014)Mental ShockHardcore2014-11-17
DJ La Carotte - Its Been A Long Time (2014)
Its Been A Long Time (2014)DJ La CarotteHardcore2014-10-03
Sanchuk - RIOT (2014)
RIOT (2014)SanchukHardcore2014-10-03
 DJ MacHo vs The Chronic vs Raoul - Murder (2014)
Murder (2014)DJ MacHo, The ChronicHardcore2014-09-18
Technohead - Party Boy (2014)
Party Boy (2014)TechnoheadHardcore2014-09-03
Hellzkicks - Squaaad EP (2014)
Squaaad EP (2014)HellzkicksHardcore2014-08-21
The Twins Artcore vs Hybridonhard - This Is Not The End (2014)
This Is Not The End (2014)The Twins Artcore, HybridonhardHardcore2014-06-02
DJ Macho - SMD E.P. (2013)
SMD E.P. (2013)DJ MachoHardcore2014-03-18
DJ Chosen Few and Miss Mokum - Demons and Angels (2014)
Demons and Angels (2014)Chosen Few, Miss MokumHardcore2014-02-18
The Twins Artcore - Funky Artcore (2013)
Funky Artcore (2013)The Twins ArtcoreHardcore2014-02-06
Walter One vs Hybridonhard - The Quantum Theory (2013)
The Quantum Theory (2013)Walter One, HybridonhardHardcore2014-01-19
Vextor vs F. Noize - Hell Warriors (2013)
Hell Warriors (2013)Vextor, F. NoizeHardcore2013-12-02
HellzKicks - Nightmare (2013)
Nightmare (2013)HellzKicksHardcore2013-06-02
M-TRX - My Weapon (2013)
My Weapon (2013)M-TRXHardcore2013-05-17
Chosen Few - Cape Fear (2013)
Cape Fear (2013)Chosen FewHardcore2013-04-04
System 3 - Insanit-E (2013)
Insanit-E (2013)System 3Hardcore2013-03-20
DJ Repix - Coming Undone (2013)
Coming Undone (2013)DJ RepixHardcore2013-02-17
Painbringer - Afterglow (2012)
Afterglow (2012)PainbringerHardcore2012-10-26
The Twins Artcore - 2012
2012The Twins ArtcoreHardcore2012-08-31
DJ Fistfuck - Fuck On! (1994)
Fuck On! (1994)DJ FistfuckHardcore2008-07-23
Chosen Few and s'Aphira - Da Funky Beatz (2008)
Da Funky Beatz (2008)Chosen Few, s'AphiraHardcore, Oldschool Techno2008-05-05