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Kasparov & Re-Style Ft. Diesel - Explicit (2014)
Explicit (2014)Kasparov, Re-StyleHardcore2014-11-17
Endymion Ft. Murda - Stoner (2014)
Stoner (2014)Endymion, MurdaHardcore2014-11-03
Synthax - Ignition (2014)
Ignition (2014)SynthaxHardcore2014-11-03
Evil Activities - Live Ammunition (2014)
Live Ammunition (2014)Evil ActivitiesHardcore2014-09-03
Endymion and The Outside Agency - Pretty Much Fucked (2014)
Pretty Much Fucked (2014)Endymion, The Outside AgencyHardcore2014-07-03
Neophyte and Zany Ft. Alee and Diesel - Gas Erop (2014)
Gas Erop (2014)Neophyte, ZanyHardcore2014-06-16
The Viper and Kasparov Ft. Alee and Diesel - Meltdown (2014)
Meltdown (2014)The Viper, KasparovHardcore2014-04-02
Neophyte and The Viper and Tha Playah - Master This (2014)
Master This (2014)Neophyte, The ViperHardcore2014-03-04
Kasparov and System Shock Ft. Diesel - Dedication (2014)
Dedication (2014)Kasparov, System ShockHardcore2014-02-06
Tieum and Angerfist - Dirty Man (2014)
Dirty Man (2014)Tieum, AngerfistHardcore2014-01-19
Endymion - Punk-Ass (2014)
Punk-Ass (2014)EndymionHardcore2014-01-19
Endymion and Pandorum Ft. Frankie Mccoy - Under Your Skin (2013)
Under Your Skin (2013)Endymion, PandorumHardcore2013-12-27
Furyan - Teknology (2013)
Teknology (2013)FuryanHardcore2013-12-17
Neophyte and Tieum and Rob Gee - Coming At You Strong (2013)
Coming At You Strong (2013)Neophyte, TieumHardcore2013-12-02