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Tha Playah - Hit 'Em (2002)
Hit 'Em (2002)Tha PlayahHardcore2009-06-27
Evil Activities & DJ Panic - Invincible (2009)
Invincible (2009)Evil Activities, DJ PanicHardcore2009-04-15
Nexes - The Sign (2009)
The Sign (2009)NexesHardcore2009-02-21
Tha Playah vs Evil Activities - Cold As Me (2008)
Cold As Me (2008)Tha Playah, Evil ActivitiesHardcore2008-11-27
Masters Of Ceremony - Dirt (2008)
Dirt (2008)Masters Of CeremonyHardcore2008-10-12
Evil Activities - No Place To Hide (2008)
No Place To Hide (2008)Evil ActivitiesHardcore2008-09-06
Hard Creation - Creators Of The Core (2006)
Creators Of The Core (2006)Hard CreationHardcore2008-08-21
Evil Activities - Evilution (2008)
Evilution (2008)Evil ActivitiesHardcore2008-05-11
Neophyte vs. Tha Playah - Still Nr. 1 (2008)
Still Nr. 1 (2008)Neophyte, Tha PlayahHardcore2008-04-28
Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy (2008)
Nobody Said It Was Easy (2008)Evil ActivitiesHardcore2008-03-01