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Na-Goyah And s'Aphira - Create The Future (2010)
Create The Future (2010)Na-Goyah, s'AphiraHardcore2010-12-13
DJ Neophyte vs. The Viper - Got 2 B Original (2003)
Got 2 B Original (2003)DJ Neophyte, The ViperHardcore2010-10-02
DJ Neophyte vs. Scott Brown - Black Magic (2002)
Black Magic (2002)DJ Neophyte, Scott BrownHardcore2010-10-02
Scott Brown feat. DJ Neophyte - Self Destruction (2003)
Self Destruction (2003)Scott Brown, DJ NeophyteHardcore2010-10-02
Neophyte vs. The Stunned Guys - Nation Of Domination (2002)
Nation Of Domination (2002)Neophyte, The Stunned GuysHardcore2010-09-22
DJ Neophyte & MC Ruffian - Muil Houwe (2002)
Muil Houwe (2002)DJ Neophyte, RuffianHardcore2010-09-11
The Masochist vs. DJ Neophyte - The Tunnel (1999)
The Tunnel (1999)The Masochist, DJ NeophyteHardcore2010-08-30