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Close Our Eyes (2018)Demi Kanon, InverzeHardstyle2018-05-02
Lights Out (2018)The ProphetHardstyle2018-03-15
Connect (2018)Proto BytezHardstyle2018-03-15
Shaman (2018)Hypnose, AirtunesHardstyle2018-03-15
Lose Yourself (2018)D-ChargedHardstyle2018-02-01
Original Sinners (2017)Public EnemiesHardstyle2017-10-17
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Antidote (2017)
Antidote album (2017)D-Block, S-te-FanHardstyle2017-09-15
Devin Wild - Revolve
Revolve (2017)Devin WildHardstyle2017-09-15
Andy SVGE and Hardstyle Pianist - Sunbeam (Incl. Piano Cover)
Sunbeam (Incl. Piano Cover) (2017)Andy SVGE, Hardstyle PianistHardstyle2017-09-02
Keltek - Sniper
Sniper (2017)KeltekHardstyle2017-09-02
Solstice - Free Me EP
Free Me EP (2017)SolsticeHardstyle2017-08-16
D-Block  S-Te-Fan - Angels  Demons
Angels Demons (2017)D-Block & S-Te-FanHardstyle2017-07-02
Envine & Clockartz - We Are One (2017)
We Are One (2017)Envine, ClockartzHardstyle2017-07-02