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Solo (2019)Retaliation Ft. Jake SussmanHardstyle2019-08-15
Out Of Time (2019)Riot Shift, FireliteHardstyle2019-06-03
The New Shit EP (2019)RetaliationHardstyle2019-02-15
Project Exile - Angel
Angel (2017)Project ExileHardstyle2017-06-16
DJ Thera ft. Yuna-X - Feel Alive (2017)
Feel Alive (2017)DJ Thera, Yuna-XHardstyle2017-04-17
Invector - Destruction (2016)
Destruction (2016)InvectorHardstyle2016-10-04
DJ Thera - Hyperspace (2016)
Hyperspace (2016)DJ TheraHardstyle2016-09-05
Delete - Remixed (2016)
Remixed (2016)DeleteHardstyle2016-08-16
DJ Thera - The New Era (2016)
The New Era (2016)DJ TheraHardstyle2016-05-03