Hyrule War albums download

Tainted Love (2021)Hyrule War, AnneXHardcore2021-05-16
More Strange Things (2021)Hyrule War, Billy EveHardcore2021-05-02
The Hardcore Life (2021)The Yakuzah, Hyrule WarHardcore2021-04-17
Don't Care At All (2021)Hyrule War, Le BlancFrenchcore, Hardcore2021-04-01
First To Die EP (2018)Hyrule WarHardcore2021-02-16
The Virus EP (2021)Hyrule WarHardcore2021-02-02
Down The Road (2020)The Yakuzah, Hyrule WarHardcore2021-01-16
Locked In Jail (2020)Hyrule War, SprinkyHardcore2020-11-02
Kemosabe (2020)Hyrule War, SprinkyHardcore2020-08-01
Never Die (2020)Remzcore, Hyrule WarHardcore2020-05-01
Dracula (2018)Hyrule War, La RavageHardcore2018-02-01
F.Unicorn (2017)Lunatic, Hyrule WarHardcore2017-12-15
Frenchcore Worldwide 03 (2017)Dr. Peacock, Hyrule WarFrenchcore, Hardcore2017-12-01
Walk The Line (2017)Hyrule War, La RavageHardcore2017-10-17
Death By Design & Hyrule War - Path Of Exile
Path Of Exile (2017)Death By Design, Hyrule WarHardcore2017-07-17
Death By Design & Hyrule War - My People (2016)
My People (2016)Death By Design, Hyrule WarHardcore2016-11-16
Hyrule War - Famous In Vegas (2016)
Famous In Vegas (2016)Hyrule WarHardcore2016-08-16
Dr. Peacock & Hyrule War - Unite! EP (2014)
Unite! EP (2014)Dr. Peacock, Hyrule WarFrenchcore, Hardcore2014-08-21