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Reprogrammer (Original Mix) (2020)Angerfist & Mike RedmanHardcore2020-10-15
Sliced Up (2020)Tha PlayahHardcore2020-10-15
Betrayal (2020)NosferatuHardcore2020-10-15
Sick In The Head (2020)Deadly Guns & DitherHardcore2020-10-15
Sensation Of The Mind (2020)Embrionyc & Cubic NomadHardcore2020-10-15
Semi-Automatic (2020)SpitnoiseHardcore2020-10-15
Lose Control EP (2020)Agressive NoizeHardcore2020-10-15
The Primal Source (2020)The Distorted SoundHardcore2020-10-15
The Requiem Ep (2020)DeathpoolHardcore2020-10-15
Party Time Ep (2020)DeathpoolHardcore2020-10-15
Tight (2020)Those Early Gabber Guys & AngstfraiHardcore2020-10-15
Would You Die For Me (2020)Zeom & AmnesiaHardcore2020-10-15
Camaron (2020)Extrasensory PerceptionHardcore2020-10-15
Coca (2020)Le Bask & Mat WeaselFrenchcore, Hardcore2020-10-15