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Groundshaker EP (2013)Brutal Jesters, Dr. PeacockFrenchcore, Hardcore2019-11-02
Up (2019)Dr. Peacock, Mr. IvexFrenchcore, Hardcore2019-07-15
About To Break (2019)Maissouille, The SequelFrenchcore, Hardcore2019-07-15
I Like To Fck (2019)Mr. BassmeisterFrenchcore, Hardcore2019-07-15
Infected Nightmare (2019)Maissouille, Mc Tha WatcherFrenchcore, Hardcore2019-07-15
Hard Concierto (2019)Maissouille, Death By DesignFrenchcore, Hardcore2019-07-15
DJ Rebel Live at London (2019)Mental Theo, Dr PeacockFrenchcore, Hardcore2019-06-16