Help and FAQ

I like your site very much, how can I help you ?
Tell everybody about this place or help us to pay for servers
How to contact with site admins ?
Just go to contact section or contact via twitter/facebook
No cue file in archive ?
It's a pity, but some releases/albums don't have cue-file, or cue-file was deleted. Ask in release comment or contact admin.
Archive contains only one big mp3 and cue file, how to split mp3 file ??
You can play cue-files without splitting mp3 - just use free player Foobar2000 which supports playing cue files. Also you can split mp3 using free Medieval CUE Splitter
I downloaded archive and there is password, what's the password ?
We don't use passwords. Probably there was error during download, you should download that archive again.
I've got error when unpacking downloaded archive.
Probably you downloaded one of the parts of archive with error, you should download that archive again. If error still present, then contact admin, report bad link or write in comments.
Download link is not working, what should I to do?
Report us about this: click "Report bad link" under the link or contact admin or write in comments.
How to quickly download a lot of music from your site?
Buy premium rapidgator account to fast download a lot of files.
The site is down or timeout.
Usually this is temporarily, just wait half an hour and try again. Sometimes site is down due to serious troubles. Then watch for news at our Twitter and pages.
The site doesn't work properly.
Shit happens... Watch site news @
Why do you use Rapidgator ?
Rapidgator unlike other filehosts offers long file life, a lot of space for them, high upload speed, It's secure and safe. read more ->