160 Bpm Speedlimit

31-08-2007 / Hardcore / Label

Another short lived hardcore sub-label from ID&T with a speed restriction of 160 Bpm.
BPM001 Davex-New_Dimensions-(BPM001)-Vinyl-1997-Homely (VBR V2)
BPM002 The_Classic_Men-The_Brainstormer_EP-(BMP002)-Vinyl-1997-Homely (VBR V2)
BPM003 Buzz_Fuzz_-_Nostalgica_EP (CBR 160 kbps)
BPM004 Lady_Dana_&_Dj_Skorp_-_Break_It_Down (CBR 160 kbps)
BPM005 Hardcore_Brothers-Smoke_Motherfuckers-(BPM005)-Vinyl-1997-hM (CBR 192 kbps)


04/28/2015 - 19:11 Anonymous says : Reply

great label! sucks that lady dana and skorp ep is sped up to 200+ bpm's when some of the tracks should be 150 or 160 hence the name of the label 160 bpm speed limit lol.