VA - Hardcore Ecstasy (1991)

01-07-2022 / Happy Hardcore, Oldschool Techno, Techno

Artist VA
Album Hardcore Ecstasy
Bitrate 885kkbps
Encoder FLAC 1.3.1
Cat Nr DIN CD 29
Label Dino Entertainment
Year 1991
Rip date Feb.01.2017
Genre Hardcore
Tracks 20
Size 489,21 MB

01.Rozalla-Everybodys Free (To Feel Good)[03:36]
02.Oceanic-Insanity [04:04]
03.Sabrina Johnston-Peace [04:04]
(Brothers In Rhythm Edit)
04.Brothers In Rhythm-Such A Good Feeling [03:44]
(Radio Edit)
05.Heavy D. And The Boyz-Now That We [04:16]
Found Love
06.DJ H. Feat. Stefy-I Like It [03:42]
07.Drizabone-Real Love (Radio Edit) [03:47]
08.Cola Boy-7 Ways To Love [03:33]
09.Powercut-Girls (Trumpet Mix) [03:49]
10.DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh [03:55]
Prince-Summertime (Single Edit)
11.Bizarre Inc-Such A Feeling [03:21]
12.The Prodigy-Charly (Alley Cat Mix Edit)[05:05]
13.DJPC-Inssomniak (7 Bassline Trax Mix) [04:16]
14.Zentropa-Ecstatic (Dry Mix) [03:22]
15.Joey Beltram-Energy Flash [03:42]
16.Human Resource-Dominator [03:49]
17.Moby-Go (Rainforest Mix) [04:27]
18.Nomad-Something Special [03:30]
19.Syko-Night Demon [03:38]
20.The Shamen-Move Any Mountain [03:45]
(Landslide Mix)

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