Love Torture Records FULL Label

Love Torture Records

19-03-2008 / Breakcore, Experimental, Techno / Label

This is a small net-label run by David Lucien Matheke. It is currently based out of Fullerton, NE, but will shortly be relocating back to Los Angeles, CA. Basically, I am doing this in my spare time so that I can release a lot of my own music super quickly upon its completion, and to help out and release music from awesome artists that I know and will meet through this whole thing. I am interested in releasing good music and sounds, ranging in experimental electronic music from industrial to noise from fucked up to weird and anything in between. Anything good and experimental really. I have a very open mind and a very eclectic musical taste.
This is going to be a very slow-going to get started process, as I am just one man, and I am busy as fuck finishing college and getting ready to move in w/ my fiance, among other things, so be patient w/ me.
All releases are free to download and will be posted on and will also be uploaded to Love Torture Records page.
[LTR000] Endometrium Cuntplow - Torch Her Lovely EP
[LTR001] Fbrz - Devices
[LTR002] I Killed Techno! - Bring Tne Noisekore
[LTR003] RedSK - Mollusk EP
[LTR004] The Insect Explosion - Erase History
[LTR005] Havoc On Fire vs. Endometrium Cuntplow - Cunts On Fire Split
[LTR006] Endometrium Cuntplow vs. Buzzardhawk - Go Banana ...Split
[LTR007] A Touch Of Death - EP
[LTR008] A Touch Of Death - The Making Of Mechanical Shit
[LTR009] Plaid Colored vs. Endometrium Cuntplow - Cosmonaut Kittens From
Constantinople Split
[LTR010] Barbarian Borderline - Zytotoxizitat
[LTR011] RedSK vs. endometrium cuntplow vs. Vloosie
[LTR012] CKGX - Fame Whores Reflection
[LTR013] endometrium cuntplow - Treekiller!
[LTR014] [dav's]internal improv - Floppy Sessions EP
[LTR015] RedSK - Kitchen
[LTR016] Zebra Mu - Lavatorial Hardware Bondage
[LTR017] A Touch Of Death - Love Songs For The Peanutbutter Eating Hippo In You
[LTR018] RedSK - Liquor Store Raid Remix Kit


11/21/2012 - 11:06 Ankita says : Reply

Argh, what is even worse than break core is the metal version of break core where they cnbimoe unlistenable dance music with no song structure and s***ty drum machine grind core (very often with some Naked City-style jazz bulls*** thrown in there for no good reason). Seriously one of the worst sub genres of music ever, and only liked by euros and beardos.