neuroSampler - LowDeepTechnoid (2008)

neuroSampler - LowDeepTechnoid (2008)

21-04-2008 / Experimental, Noise / RusZud


Noise, Click`n`Cuts, Experimental
Info: The author of project (Vladimir Dudkin) has grown in Rostov-on-Don, now lives in Moscow. By formation and a trade the artist-set dresser. To be engaged in experiments with a sound of the beginnings in 2004 year. neuroSampler style project combining set of directions of electronic music: minimalistic IDM, post industrial, dark ambient, trip-hop, deep minimal techno, break`s, elements noise, click`n`cuts, digital psychodelic. The purpose of all sound experiments neuroSampler project is creation of the sound images transferring mood of the author, attempt minimalistic means to write a volumetric picture of a spontaneous emotional background or easier speaking (as well as all creativity) - a diary of emotional conditions.
1. Neurosampler - TheSmoke
2. Neurosampler - Mechanoid
3. Neurosampler - romantizm011306z
4. Neurosampler - waterAction
5. Neurosampler - plasticDeformation
6. Neurosampler - Batiskaff
7. Neurosampler - FabricDreams


11/20/2020 - 23:05 Old Bastard says : Reply

This is not hardcore, this is Noise, Experimental...

11/20/2020 - 23:35 adm says : Reply

yes, corrected the genres