THE SHIZIT - The Shizit (2009)

THE SHIZIT - The Shizit (2009)

21-10-2009 / Hardcore / D-Trash Records

Digital Hardcore, Noise, Industrial, Breakcore, Metal
JP Anderson, frontman of industrial punk-hop band RABBIT JUNK, resurrects his old (and infamous!) project THE SHIZIT, going solo on a disc of 11 incendiary tracks that will make you feel like it's 1999 all over again. The release of this FREE digital-only album is shared amongst underground allies including D-TRASH, GLITCHMODE, CALMBEFORETHESWARM, and others. Enjoy the angry vocals, guitars, throbbing destructo beats, and intense political will of this 2009 return!
01 Civilization Extermination
02 Break Out
03 Seeing Is Destroying
04 Levels
05 Bloodlust Blues
06 The Shape Of Living Resistance
07 Fuck The Noise
08 Young Broke Pissed
09 Empire
10 Wasting Away
11 Fat Slave


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Man thanks for the music, I appreciate it that