VA - Straight Outta The Intensive Care Unit...It's The Speedbass Recovery! (2011)

15-04-2011 / Hardcore / NKS International

NKS prod 61
'cow-boy killer ' dada sur ton bidet', this compilation is for you ! Fun & music only.
To destroy like children do, with method & intelligence, this is Speedbass contribution
to music & fun, tap tadap tap tadap. Breakcore, jungle, hardcore, drum'n'bass, noise, country, fuckcore, dubstep, 8-bit, mashup,
poppop, cacaboudin, all muzakill genres inside.
Speedbass is back, and doctors did very very good job, my friend. Yeeee-haaaaa!'
This compilation was put together by Chicago Illinois US native tooth_eye
to help draw attention back to the fantastic web community
many breakcore/hardcore artists got their start or were influenced by Speedbass
and the nurturing environment it provided.
be sure to check it out!
01. RED RULER__Hi there sweetie! (USA)
02. ZTRAN__Speedbass compilation (Belgium)
03. JS666__Filo-sofia (Finland)
04. LLSKTSMN__shpadbas (USA)
05. MENTAL D-STRUCTION__Untitled nervosa (France)
06. TOOTH-EYE__Panties sliding off a perfect anime ass (USA)
07. DJ KAOS__SlipKnoise VIP (USA)
08. GRAZ__Bad_bromance (USA)
09. BURGLECUT__Who said lunatic (France)
10. ARGIFLEX__Piglet field (Tooth-eye remix) (USA)
11. HITCHHIKING ROBOT__Fingerforks (USA)
12. PORION__Mein porion ist rich (France)
13. G4Z__Secret weapons of China (France)
14. BATARD TRONIQUE__Showtime (France)
bonux X-tra:
15. BURGLECUT__What's the point in that fucking song (France)
16. JOHN STONE__Be quiet or you will be killed (roughneck version) (USA)
17. LITTLE MACK__You are not (USA)