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Unlimited Chaos EP (2021)The InquisitorHardcore2021-11-02
DJ Kobe - It's Here
It's Here (2017)DJ KobeHardcore2017-06-02
The Mastery & Brutal Jesters - Death By My Hand (2013)
Death By My Hand (2013)The Mastery, Brutal JestersHardcore, Frenchcore2014-01-19
The Noisy Terrorist - Parabellum (2013)
Parabellum (2013)The Noisy TerroristHardcore2013-11-03
Vague Entity - Sleep For The Weak (2013)
Sleep For The Weak (2013)Vague EntityHardcore2013-03-03
The Destroyer vs. Noisekick - Versus One EP (2010)
Versus One EP (2010)The Destroyer, NoisekickSpeedcore2010-10-14