Panospria FULL Label


28-08-2007 / Breakcore, Experimental, Noise, Techno / Label

Originally founded in Saskatoon snug in the middle of the Canadian prairies, the Panospria collective has grown to incorporate independent artists networked across the country. The artists specialize in the fields of experimental music, video art, intelligent lighting, fine art and design. After years of activity under the radar, the collective launched the Panospria netlabel in February 2004.
The label was launched in February 2004 to showcase the strange sounds of these Canadian artists as well as international guests. The audio releases are freely available to download from the site in MP3 format and CDs with full quality audio and artwork are available for purchase by contacting us at the address below.
Glitch, Abstract, Noise, Experimental, Ambient, IDM, Breakcore
[PAN001] Kokoro No Jojishi - Kokoro No Jojishi
[PAN002] Gyges - Composite Massive
[PAN003] Nuthre - Vis De Mechanique
[PAN004] Turner Of Wheels - Misses the Cocktail Party
[PAN005] Lorenzo Brutti - Why Everything Ended Here?
[PAN006] Scant Intone - Victory Building
[PAN007] Nuthre & Jon Vaughn - Nth-rc(dr)a
[PAN008] Ruairi Lazers - Complicated Profession
[PAN009] Aidan Baker - Tense Surfaces
[PAN010] Endos - Pure Sound
[PAN011] Camp - Numerique
[PAN012] Various - Pieces
[PAN013] Federico Monti - Panorama
[PAN014] Nuthre - All Too Capable Of Sustained Backwards Glances
[PAN015] Foal - Atlantic Mass
[PAN016] Theta - Nice Line: A Modest Proposal
[PAN017] Blakkar Noir - Tsunami Tendertimes
[PAN018] Keisuke Sudo - Out Ability
[PAN019] Turner Of Wheels - Not Quite A Self-Portrait
[PAN020] Jon Vaughn, Carrie Gates & Scant Intone - Live At PAVED Arts
[PAN021] Heart & Soul - Cosmic Signals
[PAN022] Kolumkilli - The Evening Earth
[PAN023] Darcin - Parc
[PAN024] Wapstan - Pretendre Etre Le Vent
[PAN025] Nuthre - Saskatoon Shoes