Clinical Archives

28-08-2007 / Breakcore, Experimental, Jungle, Dubstep, Breakbeat / Label

Clinical Archives is independent netlabel for eclectic and illogical electronic music. The basic directions : abstract, free improvisation, dark ambient, noise, avant-garde, psy-trance, experimental, industrial, electronica, field recordings, glitch, microsound, montage, soundscape, sound art, spoken word, strange and other forms.
[ca001] Djet - Circulation V
[ca002] Djet - Petia And Volki
[ca003] Djet - Northeast Cafe
[ca004] Djet - Submariner Story
[ca005] Djet - Sputnikblues1957
[ca006] Djet - Dusty Box
[ca007] Himmelkommando - Cerebromatika
[ca008] Djet - No Music Festival X - Djet's Stream Set
[ca009] Himmelkommando - Arctic Linqua
[ca010] White Torture - Albtraum O.S.T.
[ca011] Luminous - Against The Law - Volume I
[ca012] Musica-Ex-Machina - Musica-Ex-Machina
[ca013] . - -----/ CYP3A4
[ca014] X-in - AL1
[ca015] Various - Clinical Sounds - Volume 1
[ca016] CircumLiver - Circumclinical
[ca017] Etat Des Stocks - Etat Des Stocks
[ca018] Dizzonanz Domestic - The Ant Is Proven Perilous
[ca019] Psikotronika - Relationship With A New Hairdryer In A Multicolour Sexy-Shop
[ca020] Format C:Inertia - Format C:Inertia
[ca021] Martin Dumais - Field
[ca022] Buben - Glimmer
[ca023] Anthony Wintering - Incandescent Charm
[ca024] Various - Clinical Sounds - Volume 2
[ca025] Urbanisation Obscure - Shadows Of Our Passed
[ca026] Antanas Jasenka - Black Box Music: Repeat
[ca027] Pangea - Metal Machine Muzak
[ca028] Roberto Maldoror Manfredini - Il Mio Ultimo Attaco Cardiaco
[ca029] SoundZcapa - Siskebab
[ca030] Christopher McFall - Grayscale Is Failing
[ca031] Mono Atro - MDCCLXXVI
[ca032] L.A.M.P - Tragic That Drones Can't Cry
[ca033] Disthroned Agony - Macho Violence
[ca034] Siegmar Fricke - Selective Resections
[ca035] The PsychoParanoidFlowerPowerElectroShitSong Company - Rocket To Oblivion
[ca036] Knyaz Mishkin - Summer Session 31.07.2001
[ca037] Front Sonore - Drapeau Noir
[ca038] Anthony Wintering - Ghost Womb
[ca039] Anthony Wintering - Zero Sector
[ca040] Terje Paulsen - For Almar - 02
[ca041] Christian Galarreta - El Arpa De Huancavelica
[ca042] Various - One People Projects
[ca043] Buben - Auto Scan
[ca044] Buben - Pah-pah-ahhma
[ca045] Piscis - Barco Portatil
[ca046] Caveman / Rich Hoak - Split CD-r Demos
[ca047] Peacemaker - Alive! On A Sunday
[ca048] Peacemaker - Peace Is The Victory
[ca049] H Stewart - To Touch The Taste Of Sound
[ca050] Mons Jacet - A.P. Improvizations
[ca051] Maguett - Garden In My Cellar
[ca052] Tzunami Fancoil Orchestra - Hindenburg
[ca053] Dizzonanz Domestic - Karma Burn
[ca054] SoundZcapa - Pig On Fire
[ca055] Svart1 Boxhagener Strasse, 8_07
[ca056] Zero Consequences - Zoloft EP
[ca057] Dino Felipe - Kinks
[ca058] Gunter Adler - The Silver Book
[ca059] Tsukuri Enko - Divas From Phuture
[ca060] My Little Pop Group - A Dark Room On A Summers Day
[ca061] Totalitarian Musical Sect - Warm Things Vol.1, Live In GES-21
[ca062] Oikos - Hikikomori#2
[ca063] White Torture - Dystopia
[ca064] Kenji Siratori - Dead Device
[ca065] Gunjyo - Mirrors
[ca066] Sebus Veutgiryn - Thornwounds - EP
[ca067] Landing Swabs - Fucking Melt - EP
[ca068] Landing Swabs - Mucking Felt - EP