SPaCeyALieN - Underground Extreme Core Productions Till I Die! (2010)

SPaCeyALieN - Underground Extreme Core Productions Till I Die! (2010)

29-11-2010 / Speedcore, Experimental / Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!!

01 SPaCeyALieN - Playing A Game
02 SPaCeyALieN - Burn Till Asshes
03 SPaCeyALieN - Alluhmaal Klootzakkuh
04 SPaCeyALieN - Bierrrr Kut
05 SPaCeyALieN - Face Fucker
06 SPaCeyALieN & MaSSCor3 - Vukin Krazie
07 SPaCeyALieN - Focking Fock You
08 SPaCeyALieN - Fuckin Up The Volume
09 SPaCeyALieN - Speedcore Up Your Assz (Evil 666 Bpm Rmx)
10 SPaCeyALieN - RSK DOTI Killer
11 SPaCeyALieN & MaSSCor3 - Extremeliser
12 SPaCeyALieN - Keep On Kicking Tha Bass Up Ya Face (Rmx Part.3)
13 SPaCeyALieN & MaSSCor3 - Behind A Evil Eye
14 SPaCeyALieN & MaSSCor3 - Die Eene Andere
15 SPaCeyALieN - Last One Standing


03/07/2012 - 12:48 Anonymous says : Reply

It sucks when a children in his bedroom makes such a lame s*** and later release it thinking its actual "undergreound",but not, the underground is not a boy in his bedroom making such a nosense and lame s***ty sounds, I am a very talented,admired and respected producer in the scene , and I know that its not about the speed, but about the technic, let me explain you with a example little kid spaceyalien, back time (1998-1999) friends and I did a 1000 bpm track which was much better than any of this one that you "produced" however we never released it, do you guess why? because this sounds musically are actual crap and they make nothing for the scene, please get a life and try to make something decent instead this s***ty noise